Bubble and Bee Lip Balm: As told by a recovering Blistex addict

Growing up, I was addicted to Blistex. After many years, I slowly weened myself off of the tingly chemical concoction. I’ve tried Burts Bees and a whole assortment of others, but my clear cut favorite so far is Bubble and Bee’s lip balm. I bought it last summer on a whim while shopping at Life Thyme Market in the west village. I already knew I trusted the company as a whole so figured it was a worthwhile purchase.

I have been enormously pleased with the lip balm ever since. I have the unscented kind and I’m intrigued to try some of the other interesting flavors, like peppermint-cocoa or coconut-lime.  In terms of application, it goes on smoothly and leaves a luscious layer of moisture. Furthermore, it stays on for hours! I put it on this very morning, took a long walk in the cold, and hours later, my lips still felt smooth. But perhaps my favorite part of all is the fact that it never clumps. I hate how other chapsticks will eventually form little residual white clumps. No such thing happens here!

CONS: none!

PROS: smooth, long-lasting, no clumps, feels great! Oh, and it’s a ZERO on the Skin Deep Database, as are almost all the Bubble and Bee lip balms. No harmful chemicals!

IN SUM: A total win!


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